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Inner Wisdom is that part of us which is beyond our rational, logical and conscious mind.

We are generally brought up to believe the mind is our primary source of information with regard to the world and we learn little, if anything, of our “other” nature. This “other” nature is our inner wisdom and is reached through our deeper intuition, instinct, hunches and validity of our feelings.

 This is our inner voice, our inner wisdom. We connect with our inner wisdom in a variety of ways, often without even knowing that we do so. Someone may say something in conversation that strikes a deep cord in you or you may experience a profoundness from watching a beautiful sunset or walking in nature. We can greatly increase our ability to contact our inner wisdom and this includes our being aware of some of the obstacles which normally prevent us from that experience.


Be Still.

Create a space where you can be relaxed. Turn the telephone off, lock the door, make yourself comfortable and quieten your mind as much as possible. If you are open, the answer can come at any time, in any place or situation. It may help to write down what you sense or receive, even if you think its coming from your conscious mind. Just look at it and see what insights it has.

The mind “loses control” when you connect within and can react strongly causing you to feel disturbed. The mind will try to distract you and draw your attention away with excuses, feeling you must do something else such as one of the many chores that always need to be done to even getting sudden aches and pains in the body. The mind does not want you to listen within.

Have no investments or agendas.

Let go of any need, desire or investment to hear or sense an answer. Sometimes we do not realize we have already formed an answer and we simply will not hear anything. Or we may be afraid or feel too “unsafe” to hear the truth. What is the price if we “let go”? If you get frustrated or angry, it is a clear sign you have an investment. Your mind is in charge and you need to let go.

Open yourself to hearing, feeling, knowing.

Willingness to hear is the only thing necessary. Remember, your inner wisdom can come in any way. Guidance is always there, we just don’t know it. If we push our mind’s thoughts away of what we “should” and “ought” to do, the truth is there underneath.

Listen with assurance, acceptance and trust.

As the conscious mind is who we think we are, and inner voice may be felt or seen as crazy. Giving up our attempts to solve problems with our conscious mind is very threatening to our ego which wants to remain in control. Trust what you feel is right. The answer may be challenging and even frightening to your mind, but go beneath that layer and get a sense of how it feels at a deeper level. You will know if it feels right, even, if it is not what you want to hear. If the guidance does not “make sense” from our mind’s point of view but still feels right, we may have to trust and go forward not knowing what the next steps will be.

Listen to your inner voice.

We have to stop and listen to our inner voice of wisdom. It will suggest and advise but never demand surrender of your free will. It will not conflict with your personal ethics and never asks you to attack or hurt others or force them to do things. It will never be offended if you ignore what it says or if you question it. This voice requires our willingness to want it.

Whenever we lose or joy or peace, we need to check within. Anxiety, fear, anger, pain, irritation or frustration are all signs that we are not listening.

What you believe
is what you receive

What you believe about yourself and your world will determine what you create in your life. Beliefs are not good or bad, right or wrong. They can be supportive or limiting. They are either reflections of your deeper truth supporting you to blossom, or they are limiting you from being and experiencing all that you are.

Beliefs can stem from family, societal and cultural conditioning, or they may crop up out of pleasant or unpleasant experiences in our life. This foundation leads us to our present and future perspectives, attitudes, reactions, choices and behaviors. Much like how the foundation of a house will influence whether the structure ends up being strong and sturdy or flimsy and destructible, our beliefs will lead us to empowering and wonderful experiences or to limiting and frustrating ones.

You can often tell what a person’s beliefs are by looking at their life. If they are satisfied and fulfilled in their relationships, career, health, finance and so-on, they most likely have supportive, and truthful beliefs. What does your life tell you about your beliefs? ◆

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