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Canada Wide Campaign

Over 2,600 donors are needed to help meet this year’s annual goal

Register your donation with Partners for Life (National Sikh Nation Team PFL #SIKH001313) and ensure all your donations are counted towards Sikh Nation’s annual goal.

The Sikh Nation (Sikh Quom) around the world reaches out and embraces the vision that all humans should live a safe and happy life. Our blood donation campaign in November represents a look to the past and a view to the future, coming together as humans around the world

Sikh Nation has also become Canadian Blood Services’ largest Partners for Life (PFL) donor group in the B.C. and Yukon region, and one of its largest donor groups in the country. Our volunteers are committed to ensuring Canada’s national system for blood and other life essentials reflect our country’s cultural mosaic.

The Sikh Nation community has joined the Partners for Life program. This program allows organizations to track donations from registered members and work towards a yearly donation goal. Teamwork, dedication and commitment are essential to meeting goals.

Sikh Nation donors are committed to supporting patients and Canada’s Lifeline. Sixty per cent of their donations each year happen outside of November, as many Sikh Nation members are regular donors.

“The campaign is designed to bring people together by saving the lives of our fellow Canadians,” says Jastej Kaur a volunteer for Blood Donation by Sikh Nation. “Through this partnership, the Sikh community in Canada has come out in droves and many have gone on to become regular blood donors.”

As a people, Sikhs believe that everyone is equal. Join them by
giving blood this November. You’ll be giving the gift of life and
becoming part of a truly blessed and inspiring cause.
You can also make a further statement by turning off your
lights in your home on Nov 1st @ 6pm for a minute of silence.
All our hearts beat the same blood. Join us and help us make
sure that no one ever forgets what happened in 1984.


Is the ‘Sikh Nation’ truly a Nation? The answer is a resounding YES!
“A Nation is a community of people formed on the basis of a common language, history, and ethnicity.”
With a world population of over 25 million people (including 500,000 in Canada and 700,000 in the US) in 20 Countries the Sikh Nation is clearly a Nation by any standards.

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