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When Jatinder Kaur Grewal came to Canada over 30 years ago, she traveled by herself. She had to leave many family members behind, including her father, two sisters and a brother. 

Sadly, her mom had just passed away. When they traveled the thousands of miles from India, the 18 year old young woman and her aunt had no idea what to expect. Her dreams were as wide open as the blue skies above their plane.

 “I got a job in a clothing store for awhile, I was an Institutional Aid, I worked in a hospital and then I was at the airport for seven or eight years. I met my husband around that time. I had so many jobs. I became a life insurance agent, which gave me flexibility because by now we had two kids. As my husband’s business grew, I started helping him out as well. I was about as busy as a mother of two children can be!”

She also spent several years as a financial advisor. The part she loves best is helping people set financial goals and helping them achieve them. But after the crash of 2008 she decided she wanted a change.

After several years of helping her husband with his business it seemed like a natural fit to move into Real Estate. She started working for Sutton Realty but she soon discovered she didn’t need all the trappings of an old school Realty company. “There were all these middlemen that you had to answer to. They were happy to take credit when things went well, but if a problem developed you were on your own!”

When she discovered eXp Realty she knew she was in the right place! “It’s like the Amazon or Netflix of Realtors. It follows a whole new model where I can be 100% in charge of my business. No useless trips to the office. No meddling brokers. People like the convenience of Amazon. It’s the same with eXp.
Soon there may not be actual physical showings. The virtual video showings are so good right now that sometimes people make me an offer without ever stepping into the place.”

“They used to be Remax, which was a great company, but now there are no more offices or buildings. The whole thing is structured so we can serve the customer better. There are also incentives to bring new agents over. I really feel like this is the future of real estate.”

“People don’t realize how involved the job is. We are literally putting a roof over someone’s head. We are helping a young couple find the house they will have their family in. A recent client who was unable to physically go to view the listings, chose his house from watching virtual tours with our help.

We also have to find the right neighbourhoods or cities, the right schools…there is so much more to this than people think.” “It’s about psychology”, she says. “You have to be able to read people. To assess their needs and make things go smoothly for them. Not just now, but in their future. That is the part I like best.”◆

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Peninsula Runners is the brainchild of two Canadian Olympians who transformed the South Surrey – White Rock scene in 1996 when they brought their passion for running to the community: National record holders and multiple Vancouver Sun Run winners Paul Williams and Lynn Kanuka (Olympic Bronze Medalist, 1984).
Pen Run hosts fun runs, trail runs, road races and more, including the ‘Fort Langley Half’ marathon, the Run for Water and the Campbell Valley Wine Run, the name of which speaks for itself. From the nature of the events Pen Run puts on, one can see that giving back and supporting the community is at the heart of what they do.
Pen Run (Peninsula Runners Ltd.) has two stores. One in South Surrey and one in Langley. The one in Langley has a new location right on 88th near the Circle K. Pen Run has everything you need for running, jogging and exercise walking.
Pen Run is more than a couple of stores. It is an opportunity to join
a vibrant, healthy community and change your life for the better.

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November is Sikh Nation blood donation month

What began as community-based blood drives in BC has blossomed into an annual campaign that draws thousands of donors to dozens of events across Canada and has spread to other major cities across the globe. Since 1999 the Sikh Nation blood donation campaign has helped save over 165,000 lives and is the most significant contributor to the Canadian blood services pledge-based partners for life (PFL)program.

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