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We live in a powerful and tumultuous time where we are individually and collectively faced with many challenges.

Many of us are asking what we can do to help?

How can we personally contribute to creating a world founded on love, not based on fear?

Do we ask what is my purpose? Why am I here? We may feel an unidentified sense of frustration or urgency if we do not know. Be reassured, however, that if you are asking these questions, you are already part of the solution. You are being guided. The nature of your contribution will be made known to you in time.

Those who are not asking these questions, bury themselves in anger and desire for revenge. It is essential to discern between thoughts and attitudes that create inner peace versus those that perpetuate internal conflict. We must be careful to choose behaviours and actions that create life, not destroy life. Since our inner reality creates our outer reality, our contribution begins and continues in our minds and hearts.

Some people will find that their purpose is to serve as pillars to hold the space of peace. You will simply go about what may seem to be everyday daily lives without a grand project. If you are one of these pillars, do not underestimate the importance of your assignment. Love can only manifest on the planet through our attentive embodiment of peace and light. Carry out your mission with diligence wherever you are posted, and appreciate yourself for volunteering for this assignment.
Others are being given more action-oriented assignments. You are being asked to serve humanity by orchestrating or facilitating specific projects.
Whatever service you are asked to perform, remember always to carry the vibration of love in your heart and a sense of neutrality in your mind.
Your attitude will facilitate or sabotage your best intentions. Whenever, however, you are called upon to serve, serve with grace as your style, gratitude as your attitude, and humility as your touchstone.


Devotion is cultivated through any form of prayer, meditation, chanting, or reading of sacred scriptures. Many devotional practices humble us before the Divine and open our hearts to connect with the Infinite Source. Our connection with the Divine opens us to our Soul Essence. Our connection with our Soul awakens us to the experience of Oneness.
In Oneness, our destiny path is revealed.

The Divine Ocean

Human life is rich, complex and elegant. Within each of us are all the powers and the universe’s wisdom. Our human journey is a lifetime process called self-initiation—a series of tests whereby we learn to unravel the mysteries of life. Our foremost task is to align our body, mind and emotions with the universal vibration of peace and love. For the Universe rewards us according to our internal state of affairs. When we are aligned and vibrate in unison with the Universe, the cosmos easily and effortlessly hears our prayers and computes our requests. Connected to Source, we are supported and propelled forward on our destiny path.

The secret is to delight in being who we are – to celebrate the ecstasy of our soul each step of the way. The key is to want what we already have. The formula is to open ourselves up to receive what is already ours. Our touchstone is our willingness to live on a destiny path.
Now is the time. Each precious moment is an opening to let go of our pain and struggle to joyfully reconnect with our soul to rejoice in the company of other divine beings and return home once again.

We ask, how do we find our way home? The answers resonate within our hearts. Clear the way for your soul’s journey on your destiny path by renouncing your fears and frivolous preoccupations by abandoning entanglements that cause emotional pain and chaos by releasing your resistance to the expression of your own perfection. Allow our body and all your chakras to vibrate freely with the cosmos’ symphony.

Choose to follow the path of your heart in every thought, communication and action.
In your heart feel the presence of Divine love and with honour, you will return to your true home. Gently allow yourself to open your heart to consciously reconnect with the Divine Mother to match your vibration with the vibration of Her universal love to go deeply within and free yourself from all external attachments to attach yourself only to the reality of your soul.

Anchor in these feelings by using nature and the precious gifts of life as your touchstones. As the ocean cleanses the beach, let the infinite quiet’s silent sound your inner turmoil.

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