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Eat Right to Shine Bright – Our 7 Favourite Winter Super Foods

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Written by Jacques Lalonde

December 1, 2022

The first key is buying in season foods. This ensures they will be cheaper, fresher, more environmentally friendly and more nutritious. You are also supporting your local businesses, especially if you shop at local farmers markets where you can actually get to know and trust the people who grow your food.

1. Winter squash is a must. Soups. Roasted in the oven, acorn or butternut has plenty of fiber, magnesium, beta carotene and vitamin C and B6. These can also help decrease blood pressure and cholesterol.

2. Ginger is an immune-boosting super food. One of my favorite tricks is boiling ginger and adding honey for a delicious all natural tea. Ginger can be harvested all year round, even in the winter months. Ginger and garlic can be added to almost any vegetable to really amp up the taste.

3. Brussels sprouts are high in vitamin K & Vitamin C and also contain folate, manganese, potassium and vitamin B6. A perfect addition to your holiday meal or awesome added to any soup.

4. Sweet potatoes or yams add colour and can be baked or added to soups. You can also turn them into chips for a powerful immune-boosting snack!! And yam fries are delicious!

5. Kale. Speaking of snacks, have you tried kale chips? So good. High in potassium. Great in a salad or soup. The only thing with kale is to make sure you dice it very fine, as it can be chunky if not cut thinly enough.

6. Leeks. Potato leek soup is a pure gift to mankind and womankind. Cauliflower leek soup is also wonderful. Add them to a salad for a healthy treat.

7. Parsnips are one of the best root vegetables you can eat. So much fiber and folate, which can help build brain cells. If you want to risk some extra calories add butter and cream and blend them up to a creamy consistency. My friend Nick always impresses with this holiday treat.

By eating well over the winter season you’ll eliminate colds, and boost your energy and mood. Beat those winter blues by eating right and shining bright. Then you will really appreciate those holiday light displays.

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